Our Culture

Thai cuisine finds its roots in the historical blending of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai cultures. The popularity of Thai tastes has grown dramatically over the world because of the artful contrasts in the tastes of the sweet, sour, and hot dishes in a typical meal. Noted for using basil, mint, kaffir lime, lemon grass in combination with chilies, ginger, rich curries, coconut, and vegetables; the Thai dining experience always surprises and delights.

While noted for their artful presentations, the traditional Thai meal consists of sharing a combination of dishes, family-style. Customarily, the dishes (each containing a spoon) are placed in the center of the table and each person serves himself by using the spoon to scoop just enough food onto their plate.

The principles of sharing and having respect for never wasting food are a large part of the Buddhist tradition shared by many from Thailand, including owner and chef, Chavhivan (Bou) Haanpaa, who sees to it that a small offering of her special feasts are made each day to the Buddha.

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